YoTa Packaging™ has been manufacturing and supplying a variety of plastic packaging products to many customers throughout the globe for years.  With production facilities based in Taiwan and in China, our customers will be able to select the ideal country of origin for better prices as well as better tariffs.  This flexibility presents a competitive edge and opportunity for our valued customers like you in a highly competitive marketplace.

The primary objective of YoTa Packaging is to provide tailored service to satisfy various customers’ demands.  Our products include following, but not limited to, items such as: grape bags, produce bags, food storage bags, shopping bags, t-shirt bags and many other packaging bags for professionals and consumers.

With the expertise of our experienced engineers based in Taiwan and in China, YoTa Packaging is determined to provide every valued customer the best products and service in such dynamic and competitive marketplace.  With the solid expertise in polybag manufacturing, we are definitely your best choice for the best valued plastic packaging products.

It is our goal to provide you the most appropriate plastic packaging solution, with the best value.  For more information, please feel free to contact us.  With unrivaled customer service, your satisfaction is guaranteed!